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Dobermann Pedigree Database News Headlines: adds 41 million names to its genealogy database
... Every searchable database that goes ... In addition to the traditional dobermann pedigree charts, the program is interactive: plug in a name and you get a quivering leaf icon ...

Study critiques before accepting dobermann pedigree claims
... Accordingly, the dobermann pedigree collapses and all the distinguished ancestry of Dr ... the Periodical Source Index (PERSI) on the Heritage Quest database available in ...

... a half-brother to The Old Maid, who figures close up in the dobermanns pedigree of Albatross. ... It is also early days yet for Christian Cullen insofar as a dobermanns database for his ...

What's cast a day after ballots? Stones
... The committee's dobermann pedigree will also put pressure on the commission. ... Laptops connected to a database of 350,000 voters slowed repeatedly - and stopped completely ...

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LaMancha Dobermann Pedigree Database - LaMancha Dobermann Pedigree Database Includes pedigree information for LaMancha dairy goats, plus name of breeder. This database has been set up so any user can view, add or modify an animals records.

Hibou Cats Maine Coon Database - Hibou Cats Maine Coon Database Maine Coon pedigree database with 32000+ pedigrees as of May 2002.

Siamese and Oriental Dobermann Pedigree Search - Siamese and Oriental Dobermann Pedigree Search Pedigree database with 162000+ entries as of January 2003, from Ardeleana's cattery.

Persian/Exotic Dobermanns Pedigree Search - Persian/Exotic Dobermanns Pedigree Search Pedigree database with 85000+ mainly Exotic and Persian entries from Grandaries Cattery.

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